Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The intro...

I have always believed to get the best from life you travel and you make mistakes. I have done plenty of both. My mistakes great and small have shaped me into the person I love or loath depending on the given day. Not one person has shaped me into who I am but I have to admit some have had a stronger hand in it then others. I love to travel... I love to learn and taste and feel the beauty of new places. I have never worried that I would be bored or let down by visiting somewhere new. I have always believed that by your choices whether they be bad or good shape the adventure. My most favorite journeys have been the ones that have brought loved ones into my life the ones that have brought me closer to my closeted love of nature and earth. The times I remember the most are the one where I shared a meal, heard a new song or just had one of those moments when you know you are with the right person at the right time. When I am having a bad day and everyone is asleep i can lay awake thinking of the calm breaking waves on a beach in Florida or the quiet of the night miles away from cities in the middle of the forest. These are pieces of my travels that I hold close and try never to forget. To have been privileged enough to take these journeys I am grateful.

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